And Lille became french !

Lille, 1672.

Welcome to you Ladies and Gentlemen the comedians !
My name is Mathienette and it’s a great honor for me to welcome you in Lille on behalf of our governor Sir of d’Artagnan.

He will be so happy , thanks to you, hearing some scenes of the Molière’s « Hypocrite ».

As you know, in year 1667, Sir d’Artagnan met there in Lille, 2 comedians of the Molière’s troupe who came to ask to the king the authorization to change the name of the play « Hypocrite » in « Impostor».

But before meeting, Sir d’Artagnan would like you to discover the wonderfull remodelling of the city which is french for five years.

I’ve got there some extracts of the play I’m sure you’ll play with panache !

On this walk the visitors become Molière’s comedians visiting Lille in 1672. The way runs along streets from which history is unknown.

During stops, visitors play short scenes of « Hypocrite »


Départure : Façade of the Esplanade(at street corner Négrier).

Arrival : Street of the Barre

Duration:1H15 + apéritif.


25€(apéritif including bier or soft, local produce tasting)


The only guided tour:15€(12€from 11 participants)

The guided tour + apéritif=25€(22€ from 11 participants)

Contact: / Patricia +33684042254